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Spring Bling

April brings many of my favourite things; cute little bunnies, chocolate eggs in abundance, the occasional sunny day and daffodils. But my fling with spring doesn’t end there, and it definitely doesn’t end with the dainty daff. With the choice of all the new year blooms, comes the chance to try something new and so came this seasonal accessory, a perfect pairing for some spring time galivanting.

Sunny Shades

Base stage one

Base and initial flowers

Initial close-up

Full bloom

Swirl for spring

Floral fling

Side view

Side view

Spring design

Ascot Attire

A little late of the mark, hopefully unlike the horses, but here is a quick snap sent over by a summer client, sporting her cream and pink dress up for Ascot Races. I love the two colour combination with the pop of the two tones of pink against the cream, and the height given by the tilt of the base, but even more so, I love the selfie smiles.

Great dress, check! Bespoke, handmade fascinator, check! Happy racers, check! The only thing more satisfying than creating an object of beauty, is seeing someone happy to be wearing it. Thank you Amy Breslin for the photographs!

Client Selfie

Silk smiles

Flirty favours

Back in the day my bank holidays would consist of a gaggle of girls squeezing into their tightest skirts and hobbling along in their highest of heels till the wee hours of the morning, all because I had to hear the DJ play my main girl RiRi just one last time. This bank holiday however was a far cry from the wild nights I can’t quite remember. Oh how times have changed!

Instead of the heels it was slippers and instead of the disco lights it was some DIY arts and crafts. With the rain outside and an adequate stash of galaxy, it was perfection. Alls I needed was some plain cardboard boxes, dried petals and something sticky. Equipment not hard to come by when you are just an item or two away from being on the next series of Channel 4’s The Hoarder Next Door.

What follows is the result, a simple idea for pretty little favour boxes and an original A lot like Amy storage box for myself. All in all a successful weekend!

Flirty Favours

Favour Cluster

Favour box styles

Original storage box