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Diggin’ Delaunay

As the Tate Modern is celebrating a lady who is often praised in the art world and forgotten for her fashion, I too want to share a little love for Sonia Delaunay and her decorative, abstract design.

Known best for her use of colour, Delaunay had a creative harmony between form and the rhythms in colour that changed the game of fashion. I first came across her work post A levels, pre university, at college, where her illustrations ignited an excitement in me. The idea that the boundaries of clothes could be eliminated, meant the boundaries of fashion could be eliminated, and women could just wear art in the way Delaunay just painted a pattern over the top of a womens silhouette.

She boldly eradicated the need to colour in between the lines. Her work reminds us that fashion is art and in that she changed the rules for fashion and fashion illustration. She painted a world that broke the rules and gave us a game that no longer has any, making both the catwalks and the pages of fashion a whole lot more interesting.

Rythme 1938

Sonia Delaunay Art as Fashion

Delaunay Illustration

Sonia Delaunay Fashion Illustraion

Simultaneous Dresses

Perfect procrastinating

A self confessed worrier, control freak, and perfectionist, with a love of all things beautiful, including shoes so ugly that they truly are spectacular, all combined with an ASOS addiction makes it rather hard to live/share a wardrobe with me. But my many faults aside, I’m not half bad with the colouring pencils, and this saturday afternoon I rather enjoyed my little self when I stumbled across my university sketchbooks. Happy to be easily distracted from the task in hand, I wasted time flicking through the pages displaying my memories of the best and worst moments of my life to date. Now, since I am a perfectionist, and naturally will need time to choose my favourite pages to photograph for you, for now, here is a small selection showing my development. The development from an idea into one of my beautiful somethings.

FAD sketchbook

FAD design work

Transformers 1

Transformers 2