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Perfect procrastinating

A self confessed worrier, control freak, and perfectionist, with a love of all things beautiful, including shoes so ugly that they truly are spectacular, all combined with an ASOS addiction makes it rather hard to live/share a wardrobe with me. But my many faults aside, I’m not half bad with the colouring pencils, and this saturday afternoon I rather enjoyed my little self when I stumbled across my university sketchbooks. Happy to be easily distracted from the task in hand, I wasted time flicking through the pages displaying my memories of the best and worst moments of my life to date. Now, since I am a perfectionist, and naturally will need time to choose my favourite pages to photograph for you, for now, here is a small selection showing my development. The development from an idea into one of my beautiful somethings.

FAD sketchbook

FAD design work

Transformers 1

Transformers 2