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Peruvian pleasures

Against all the odds, I have managed to compose quite possibly the least glamorous post ever known to mankind. Due to my work-a-holic mentality and a rather poorly pup, the last three weeks have consisted of abnormally high applications of red lipstick,  a half hearted attempt at becoming a domestic goddess and a few too many takeaways. Not the luxurious silk flowers, diamanté finishes and picture perfect grins I had in mind. Alas! C’est la vie and all that jazz. So with my deepest apologies for my lack of jibber-jabber I am instead going to share with you something special. This three minute clip only shows a snippet of the memories created and friends made this summer when my younger brother, Thomas and I were lucky to explore Central and South America, and it is also these three minutes that keeps bringing the same smile to my face, time and time again. With thanks to Amanda Lee for creating such a masterpiece and thanks for bearing with me, more fascinators to come soon.