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New year, new me.

Sat here in a rather cosy nest of duvets watching the snow quickly turn to sleet and I’m struggling to figure out how it got to be the end of January. Where did Christmas go? I’m sure I didn’t eat enough sausage rolls, or drink enough cheap bubbly. It’s also just occurred to me that since I accidentally fell asleep and missed the all important count down to the New Year, I haven’t even set myself both the traditional and predictable resolution and promised myself that I will get that bikini bod for the summer and look like Beyonce next time I step off the treadmill.

Truth be told, despite being a big believer in cliches, I’m not really a fan of the new year, new me trend we all like to divulge in. No, not me. I’m more realistic, and this year more than ever I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the gym and I had no intention of ignoring my second favourite man, Terry, and his chocolate orange. But to my surprise, I have actually ventured to the gym in January! It may only have been the once, and I may have burnt more calories catching up with old colleagues rather than actually exercising, but it confirmed that my choice to gallivant around town, and the globe, working and playing is much more fun than getting sweaty anyway.

So, after my reflective trip on the gym I think it’s appropriate to create a slap dash jobbie of doing justice to 2014 and what was a truly incredible year for me personally and professionally. Despite loving a lengthy natter, I have decided to shut up now and roll with the famous, a picture is worth a thousand words. So here is my fun, food, friends and love filled 2014 in pictures, worth a couple hundred thousand words in my opinion.

Sibling Adventures

Go Pro Golfer

The best sandwich ever

Start up business

Bunny love

One year

La Paz sands

Scotch eggs

Football firsts

Puppy Love

Best Friends

New Friends

New Fashions

Sassy Pants


Farmer fun

High Flying Adventures

Sunset Seaside

Back to school

Stall success

New flavours

La Paz

TipTop Chicken

So many teeth

Family fun

Amy Cocktail