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We Live on Fascinations

Well helloo there! You happen to be reading my first blog as Amy, Director and Designer for A lot like Amy, I hope you are as excited to be reading it as I am to be writing it. Firstly, can I say, yes, that is what my post refers to me as now, Director Duffin, wah! But do not fear I am still the same old Amy. So much so, instead of slinging together some serious sass to present to my awaiting followers (hey there Mum!) I can’t seem to shake those mildly repetitive, fast tempo Alphabeat lyrics from my brain. So here we go, we are going to roll with it.

In between the brash flashes of primary colours, the so bad it just might be good dancing and the Wah Oh Uh Ohh’s, the chirpy pair sing of a revelation of passion and new temptations. Their all round show of good fun is a pretty accurate representation of my mood right now and how happy I am to be sharing and hopefully tempting you with my passions.

Anyhoo, enough of my soppy somethings, we’ll keep this short and sweet. Here is the start of a beautiful adventure, and a quick snap of the work in progress, grins galore.

Amy in Sunshine

Amy in Peacock