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Ascot Attire

A little late of the mark, hopefully unlike the horses, but here is a quick snap sent over by a summer client, sporting her cream and pink dress up for Ascot Races. I love the two colour combination with the pop of the two tones of pink against the cream, and the height given by the tilt of the base, but even more so, I love the selfie smiles.

Great dress, check! Bespoke, handmade fascinator, check! Happy racers, check! The only thing more satisfying than creating an object of beauty, is seeing someone happy to be wearing it. Thank you Amy Breslin for the photographs!

Client Selfie

Silk smiles

Stick and stitch

There is nothing more inspiring than a rainy day. The perfect excuse to hide away from the wet, woeful world and get lost in possibilities. So today, a particularly miserable looking Friday, I decided to turn off the glue gun and return back to the good old fashioned needle and thread. A few hours, Mr Olly Murs on repeat and the occasional pin prick later, here we have it; a new creation, a new wedding fascinator and a new style for the end of the year.

Sewing starters

Base one

Base two

Fancy folding

Pretty in Pink

I’ve always been a fan of a cliché. Clichés, those soppy somethings that end in a shucks moment and pink. I’m a sucker for pink. So you won’t be surprised to hear that I was one of those unoriginal teenagers that signed up to MSN, old school, with an obvious pretti_in_pink username, and if the cliché wasn’t enough, I’m sure the I in place of the Y made me a little bit cooler, right?

Anyhow, for a little miss chatter box, I’m really not on form with keeping you informed am I? This may have a little to do with me currently enjoying a colourful whirl wind of style, satin, silk and of course sass in the art of visual merchandising. So since pink was my colour of the week, and my MSN name, here is another pretty in pink inspired number, this time with the Y not the I, for the added sophistication.

Pretty in Pink

Formal Feathers

I don’t know if you’ve noticed (don’t worry if you haven’t, I have only just caught on myself) but i’m a bit of a fan of alliteration. And the letter F apparently. Sorry about that folks, I will look for a new flavour of the month and a new letter of the alphabet to fixate on. In the meantime, my spare moments have been filled with fiddly feathers (couldn’t resist!) rather than vocabulary and this is my first of a new wintery style fascinator. With feathers opposed to flowers and navy and black opposed to pink and purple I can quite confidently say I am a fan of this formal fedora and that from now I do promise to refrain from this obsession with the letter F….

Formal Feathers

Peruvian pleasures

Against all the odds, I have managed to compose quite possibly the least glamorous post ever known to mankind. Due to my work-a-holic mentality and a rather poorly pup, the last three weeks have consisted of abnormally high applications of red lipstick,  a half hearted attempt at becoming a domestic goddess and a few too many takeaways. Not the luxurious silk flowers, diamanté finishes and picture perfect grins I had in mind. Alas! C’est la vie and all that jazz. So with my deepest apologies for my lack of jibber-jabber I am instead going to share with you something special. This three minute clip only shows a snippet of the memories created and friends made this summer when my younger brother, Thomas and I were lucky to explore Central and South America, and it is also these three minutes that keeps bringing the same smile to my face, time and time again. With thanks to Amanda Lee for creating such a masterpiece and thanks for bearing with me, more fascinators to come soon.

Love affairs

Yes. You heard it here first. I am cheating on fashion. Cheating on fashion with furniture. Cheating on fashion with insurance, grocery shopping, and quite frankly all things grown up. God forbid, I am even trying that thing they call saving! Now I know what you are thinking. You cannot decide whether to call me a hoe bag for these sordid affairs or a bore, as lets face it, my choice of infidelities are anything but glamorous. But just to reassure you, and myself, here is a list of loves and lusts that occupy my mind, hard drive and wardrobe wish list .

Sibling 1

Sibling 2

Sibling Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Juan Carlos Obando

Juan Carlos Obando Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Misha Nonoo 1

Misha Nonoo 2

Misha Nonoo Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Emilio de la Morena

Emilio de la Morena Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Narciso Rodriguez 1

Narciso Rodriguez 2

Narciso Rodriguez Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Roksanda 1

Roksanda 2

Roksanda 3

Roksanda Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear

All day. Every day. Then all over again.

Perfect procrastinating

A self confessed worrier, control freak, and perfectionist, with a love of all things beautiful, including shoes so ugly that they truly are spectacular, all combined with an ASOS addiction makes it rather hard to live/share a wardrobe with me. But my many faults aside, I’m not half bad with the colouring pencils, and this saturday afternoon I rather enjoyed my little self when I stumbled across my university sketchbooks. Happy to be easily distracted from the task in hand, I wasted time flicking through the pages displaying my memories of the best and worst moments of my life to date. Now, since I am a perfectionist, and naturally will need time to choose my favourite pages to photograph for you, for now, here is a small selection showing my development. The development from an idea into one of my beautiful somethings.

FAD sketchbook

FAD design work

Transformers 1

Transformers 2


Sunshine and smiles

I would like to thank Nicky Maltby for sending me this picture perfect snap of her and her family having the time of their lives at a recent wedding. Looking beautiful in her bespoke, handmade fascinator, Rosa, made by yours truly, is a striking combination of cream veiling and pink roses and rosebuds on a thin cream alice band. A delicate beauty with a pop of colour, this is a photo I have a whole lotta love for.

Family Photos

Festival Fun

Now call me a little biased, but these two ladies below aren’t too hard on the eyes are they? Oooh no! They also happen to be two of the kindest souls I know. So you might just say I’m winning when I tell you that not only am I lucky enough to be bezzie mates with these two gorgeous girlies, but they didn’t even need bullying into buying a selection of my festival floral crowns for the finale of the summer fun.

Where our recent, and long over due catch up was excessively tasteful, with far too much food and Prosecco, I can only imagine the festival scene a little different. However, whether it be rain or shine, a glass of bubbly or a can of cider, I am sure, they, along with their new floral hairpieces, brought a touch of class to even the dingiest of campsites.

Girls, love you long time.

Imogen Floral Crown

Gezza Lilac Crown

Flirty favours

Back in the day my bank holidays would consist of a gaggle of girls squeezing into their tightest skirts and hobbling along in their highest of heels till the wee hours of the morning, all because I had to hear the DJ play my main girl RiRi just one last time. This bank holiday however was a far cry from the wild nights I can’t quite remember. Oh how times have changed!

Instead of the heels it was slippers and instead of the disco lights it was some DIY arts and crafts. With the rain outside and an adequate stash of galaxy, it was perfection. Alls I needed was some plain cardboard boxes, dried petals and something sticky. Equipment not hard to come by when you are just an item or two away from being on the next series of Channel 4’s The Hoarder Next Door.

What follows is the result, a simple idea for pretty little favour boxes and an original A lot like Amy storage box for myself. All in all a successful weekend!

Flirty Favours

Favour Cluster

Favour box styles

Original storage box